Fuller's 1845

Tried this last night. Good beer. According to an article in either BYO it’s made with corn and blackstrap molasses(3 oz for a 5 gallon batch), which, I’m assuming, accounts for the nice plummy-raisiny tastes. A little more noticeably hopped than their other beers, fuggle bittered, EKG dry hopped, per the article. Have to try brewing with molasses, which I happened to see on the shelf at the grocery store the other day.

What a coincidence, 3 hours ago I pitched yeast on an 1845 clone I found on Homebrewtalk. None of the recipes I found mentioned molasses. Here’s what I brewed, although I added a little debittered black malt to darken it

http://www.homebrewtalk.com/f12/can-you ... -a-205873/

I’ve only ever had this at the Fuller’s Brewery. They didn’t mention molasses there, either. I’m pretty sure he called it an all-malt beer, but I had a lot of samples, so my memory is a little fuzzy 8)

I have used 2 oz of blackstrap molasses in RIS, and even that small amt is noticeable in a 100 point - OG strongly flavored beast.

With that in mind, I doubt they used 3 oz of blackstrap in Fuller’s 1845. I say this because I have drunk 1845 and never detected any molasses aroma or flavors.

1845-Great beer.

Turn’s out it was Zymurgy. It’s definitely got some raisiny-plummy flavors. I don’t know if the magazine gets it’s info straight from the horses mouth, but their recipe is just MO, blackstrap and corn - no caramel malt. I’ve never cared much for ESB, but this stuff has got some serious flavor. Fuller’s website only gives general info, no ingredients. I wonder it they would respond to an inquiry.

It’s worth a try. When I took their brewery tour, the guide had sheets with info on all the beers. Of course he said they still use maize in Pride and ESB and everything else I’ve read says they don’t anymore.

There’s also an episode of Can You Brew It for this beer.


I haven’t listened to it, but they often get info from the breweries.

Unfortunately, this beer is always oxidized when it gets to Texas. I have had bad examples that had an expiration date a year and a half into the future, and it was still undrinkable. ESB has the same problem.

I got “For the Love of Hops” by Stan Hieronymous for Christmas and it’s got a recipe via John Keeling, Brewmaster at Fuller’s

78% Pale Malt
19% Amber Malt
2% Crystal
1% Chocolate

EKG for bitterness and aroma, 52 IBU, with all the IBUs coming from the first addition.
1064 OG
1015 FG

I would use Simpsons amber and medium crystal, as I saw sacks of Simpsons malt when I went on the tour