Full Hop Cones in Beer Bottles

I have been thinking about putting a whole hop cone in each bottle of beer when I do an IPA later in the summer. I had never really heard of anyone doing this (although I know I would not be the first). Then, to my surprise, when I got my “Beer Buzz” newsletter from Binny’s this morning I saw this on the list of “new on the shelves”

O’So Lupulin Maximus
Kyle: This beer actually has full hop cones floating in every bottle. Now that isn’t pushing dry-hopping to its limit and beyond, we don’t know what is. Lupulin Maximus is also in a league of its own when it comes to hoppiness. You have been warned: you will be hard pressed to find many things more bitter than this on our shelves.

Pat: Once you get past the floating gimmick, this beer is pretty tasty. However, for a beer that is this extremely bitter, I’d go for last month’s pick: Green Flash Palate Wrecker.

Has anyone ever tried this beer or added hop cones directly into beer they have bottled? Dried or fresh?

Isn’t the opening the same size as a hop cone? I would think that it could be a pain putting it in and, assuming you reuse bottles, even more so getting it out.

I generally use pellets and keg so I’m not well versed on this but I’d say go for it. The nice thing is it’s something you can try out easily with a portion of a batch rather than having to do it with the whole 5 gallons.

I’ve had lupulin maximus many times. The owner of the brewery is from my home town, but started his brewery in Plover, WI. He was in town doing a tasting at a local shop here. Easily my favorite beer from them, although the Big O is a nice beer to drink on warm summer days on the lake.

I highly suggest giving lupulin maxim us a try

Depending on the hop you may be smashing them into the bottle. I know my Zues hop cones I grow are huge and would need to be forced into the bottle for sure. I definitely say try it. I’d like to hear about the results.

I’ve tried it twice. Once to see how it worked and another time to see if the disastrous results from the first time were a fluke. I won’t be doing it again.

I’ve heard it done with Bud Light if you are just looking to see what dry hop flavor you get. I would not leave it in there very long though.

So I went to buy this beer this weekend to give it a try. I asked the guy at the store about it and he said they had it in stock BUT there was a problem…all of the cases they received of this beer we bottled WITHOUT the hope cones in the bottles! Haha, I skipped it to get a few other beers I have been wanting to sample but still may give it a shot. Just disappointed that it was not what was advertised. The guy at the store said that they have been having trouble selling it because the “gimmick” is missing.