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Full Boil?

New to brewing, reading about a blonde irish ale today in the review section. One posted about great results using the " Full Boil " with his extract kit ??? anyone tell me what thats about. Thanks .

I am assuming you’re talking about the extract kit correct?

If so full boil is boiling the full amount of water (5 gal), not following the provided instructions. You’re hop utilization will be increased due to more water, assuming there were no other changes to the recipe. This results in a slightly hoppier beer, which some people enjoy.

Thanks, that clears it up

In addition, it will help with the carmelization of the wort. This will result in a lower SRM. If that is something that you are looking for (for say a lager or kolsch) look into late malt extract additions. This will also help with maintaining a lighter color.

Consider boil-off when doing full boils. For a 5-gallon batch you could be boiling 6-7.5 gallons to start with.

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