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Full Boil with Extract

I have read a bit about this in the forum, but just wanted some extra reassurance. I’m going to brew an extract irish stout tonight and want to do a full 5 gallon boil. (Probably start with 5 1/2 gallons) My questions are this:

  1. Should I reduce my bittering hops or will it not be noticeable?
  2. Should I try putting the majority of the malt in towards the end of the boil? I heard this helps with flavor. If I do this, how should I split it up and time it?
  3. I’m going to add bakers chocolate to the boil and I have some fresh shredded coconut that has been sitting in vodka for a few months that will also go into the mix. When should I add the coconut extract? I’m assuming to the primary?

Thanks for the help!

I did full boil with extract a lot before moving to all grain. I wouldnt worry about adjusting your bittering hops, it wont be noticeable i the style.

I usually did about 3/4 of my extract at the beginning and the rest around the 15 minute mark. This was mostly to help aid in keeping my lighter colored beers, lighter. With a stout you really wont see much difference if you added it all at the beginning or split it up, do whatever sounds like more fun, or easier, or whatever.

Cant comment on Bakers chocolate or coconut as I have never used them.

I have been doing full boils since my second batch and have never changed up anything. I just stick to the provided directions and haven’t had anything but great tasting beer.

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