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"Fruity" APA recipe

Could people please take a look at this recipe I modified from a website called Craft Pours? I’m trying to make an APA that has a tropical fruit flavor from lots of flavoring hops, but restrained in terms of bitterness. Comments, suggestions welcomed. I also realize that there’s likely no one with experience with the Hallertau Blanc hops since they appear to have only recently been made available. Excuse the unorthodox format.

9# Briess “Brewer’s Malt” Pale Ale
10 oz Briess Caramel 60
8 oz Briess Carapils
0.5 oz Hallertau Blanc (7.6%), FWH, 14.5 IBUs
0.5 oz Galaxy (15%), 15 min, 12.9 IBUs
0.5 oz Hallertau Blanc (7.6%), 10 min, 4.8 IBUs
0.5 oz Mosaic (11.6%), 10 min, 7.3 IBUs
0.5 oz each Mosaic and Citra, dry hop 7 days
American Ale II, Wyeast 1272

60’ mash @ 151F, batch sparge at 168F, 60’ boil
Fermentation temp 67, 45 sec O2

OG 1.050, FG 1.010 (est.) for ABV of 5.2%
39.6 IBUs, Bitterness ratio 0.795
7.1 SRM

Recipe looks tasty, go for it. If anything, you’ve got a little bit TOO much tropical hops in there. Citra and Mosaic hops are super-duper strong and will overwhelm everything else in the beer. You could cut those down to like 0.25 oz each if you like and still get excellent results.

I’d swap out the C60 for C20 or C40. 60L starts to get into the dark fruit range and really what you’re looking for here is a sweetness to back up the hops. I think it will be a good start.

Agreed with no C60…or even c40 for that matter. C20 or NB also sells a “Cara 8” (8*L) that is awesome.

I would move those late additions to flameout and whirlpool (maybe even increasing the dosage), and maybe even get rid of the Hallertauer. If you are looking for a clean bitterness, use a small amount of magnum or warrior (probably not more than .25oz) at 60 minutes. FWH will work more like a 20 minute addition in terms of flavor contribution.

Hop combos look yummy though. You will get more out of them if you use them at 0 min and whirlpool.

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