Fruit to honey weizen

Hello everyone
so i am on the 4th homebrew and me and a friend are going to do the same kit and see who’s is better . the kit that we are doing is the honey weizen. i was thinking of adding fruit but i have never done this before any easy tips would be great :lol: also i was thinking of adding some orange peels and maybe some blueberries (add the blueberries at bottling time). what are your thoughts on that? or what other fruit would pair well with the beer? thanks so much


I have yet to make a fruit beer but I plan to make a hopped up clementine ale this Tuesday. From the research I have done on fruit beers, it seems most people add the fruit at the end of the boil or in secondary. Both options will create different flavor profiles, with secondary creating the most flavor since fruit is added after fermentation. However, some people will add flavoring extracts when bottling.

You could check out the Brewing TV episode (29, I think) where Chip Walton made a california common beer with clementines. I have used this episode to give me ideas for brewing my batch.

Another resource would be to check out Randy Mosher’s Radical Brewing book which has an entire chapter on fruit beers.

Most of my searching has been through google to see what information is available on the internet.

Best of luck!

I just bottled a honey weizen than I added 1 oz dried orange peel at 5 minutes. Had a very strong sulfur smell for most of fermentation but turned out GREAT!! Can wait for it to fully carb up so I can really enjoy it.

What yeast did you use?
Last year I brewed a coconut honey wheat that turned out pretty good.

I’m in the process of splitting a blonde ale batch where I’ve added fruit.

It’s here:

I added fruit puree’s 3 days after putting into primary fermentation. I also plan to add extract at bottling. Not sure what I’ll come up with but it sure has been a learning experience.

Happy Brewing!!!