Fruit sediment edible?

the style of choice was a mango pale ale. it was my first puree batch with mango. i puree’d half the mangos a little too much and it came out like apple sauce. the second half of the mangos i did not blend more than a second to have them stay in chunks. i placed the half puree, half small chunks of mango in the secondary. it looked fine after 2 weeks, so then i decided to bottle. a few days after bottling, i took a bottle out, held it against a lamp, and noticed some, presumably pulp sediment. some bottles have more than others. question now is, is the mango pulp sediment edible? or should i just dispose this batch?

Try it and see. It won’t be poisonous, so it will be safe to consume. The question is just if it taste good or not.

If the sediment is on the bottom of the bottle and tastes odd to you, just don’t swirl the bottles or pour the stuff into your glass. Pour it the same way you’d pour a bottle with a regular yeast sediment on the bottom. No need to dispose of a whole batch of beer because of some sediment.