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Fruit Flies in Air Lock

This was my first time using a bubbler air lock and when I went to bottle today there were dead fruit flies in the air lock and in the vodka in there. The three piece airlocks in the same area did not have the same problem. The holes in the cap look bigger on the bubbler.

Since it didn’t look like the fruit flies made it into carboy itself, I am assuming the beer is fine?

Honestly, even it a few made it in I would just come up with a catchy name for the brew.

It’ll be fine. You can put a piece of foil over the top of the airlock next time for added defense from those pesky FFs.

drink the FF Vodka!

This helps with fruit flys. Take a plastic soda bottle and cut the top off right below the “cone” part, sometimes this is right at the top of the label. Turn the top part upside down and stick it into the bottom so there is a funnel going into the bottle. If it doesn’t seal right, tape it up. Put about an inch of apple cider vinegar in it. They love the vinegar and will fly into the bottle but can’t get out.

+1 on foil on the bubbler if it didn’t come with a little top or like me they are missing.

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