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Fruit beer's?

hello I going to brew my first fruit beer . My ? is when to add the fruit I am using Vintners Harvest fruit Puree do I add it too primary or secondary. If add to a secondary does one need to worry about a restart fermentation an it causing a blow off if it’s in a 5gal secondary or can a person just wait after fermentation has ended in the primary an then add the vintners Harvest fruit Puree so you have enough room to prevent blow off. Or is it better to do it in secondary

You will have a true secondary fermentation with the purée, so you will need headspace or it will blow off beer. If you use a bucket for primary and 5 gallon glass carboy for secondary, try racking to the carboy, then clean and sanitize the bucket, add the purée to the bucket and rerack to to bucket from the carboy. It’s extra work, but at least you will have adequate space and you will get the beer off the trub for the secondary.

Unless you plan to harvest the yeast, no need to rack to another vessel.

If you are in a carboy, judge if adding a can of fruit will decrease the head space to much that a blow off will be an issue.

I brewed the apricot blond ale kit and added the purée to the base of the secondary. Beer came out fantastic and is a great summer beer, hell even my wife likes it.

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