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Fruit Ale question

I’ve done Raspberry wheat and I am looking into making a Fuzzy Navel Wheat or the Paragon Apricot. Both recipes say to add the fruit to the primary after primary fermentation has settled 4 days after activity starts. Do you rack off the fruit and do nothing to the secondary? I’ve always (only three batches) added the fruit to secondary. It seems like it would be a heck of a mess in primary. Please advise. Thanks. PS My other question is if you rack off the fruit to secondary won’t you lose alot of the fruit essence, because there is so much more yeast activity in the primary fermenter. Also, the last time I did a raspberry wheat I poured the Raspberry into a sanitized grain steeping bag and racked on top of it. It made the transfer to the bottling bucket alot easier.

I don’t see a difference in the mess factor in the primary over the secondary.

Only benefit I see with the secondary route is if you are trying to reuse the yeast.

Or if you primary in a carboy and secondary in a pail. Then clean up of the fruit is easier.

If you puree the fruit, clean up should not be an issue in a carboy.

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