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Fruit Addition to American Wheat

I’ve got the NB American Wheat kit in primary right now. It’s my 9th or 10th extract kit so I am still plenty new at this…but feeling excited to try something “different” or off recipie with a basic fruit addition of some kind. Hoping to end up with a nice spring/summer beer.

My initial thought based on reading some of the reviews on the NB site is to add about 3 lbs of oranges, or strawberries, or some other fruit to the secondary when I transfer…

I’m wondering what other suggestions folks out there might have for fruit beers or what experiences you can share?

A few specific questions:

 1) What about adding some honey with the fruit as well?  

 2) Does adding fruit (and its sugars) impact AC significantly?

 3) What has gone right for you in this area before...what has gone wrong?

I’m also contemplating splitting the beer up into 2 sub-batches for secondary and trying 2 different additions…

Thanks all,

I recently brewed a extract wheat with williamette hops at 60 mons and then tossed in 1oz. Of hallertau for the last 15 mins to add a citrus blast, for good measure I also zested one lemon soaked it in vodka to extract flavor and added it after the first week. It’s bottled and just waiting to carbonate, I’ll keep you posted on how it goes!

Coconut goes good with American wheat.

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