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Frozen Keg

So I ended up with a spare refrigerator at my office and figured I would put it to good use, primarily as a lagering fridge and for storing hops in the freezer. I have had a corny of “Fest” lager in there for several months and sometime early last week I randomly decided to turn the temp on the fridge colder. It was on a low to mid setting and I turned it up to medium high (which is colder).

Purely for research, I went to take a sample a few days ago before heading home and nothing came out of the picnic tap. Strange, so I checked the co2 guage. Empty (it was only a paintball tank). I had a just filled 5 lb tank and hooked that up. Nothing came out. Felt the side of the key and it was ICE cold. Sloshed it and nothing. It was solid ice.

I have since thawed it and made sure the lid was sealed and am now re-chilling it.

What effect will freezing solid a keg of beer have once it thaws?

No damage, and it might drop really clear too.

it may be fine but I have never had a beer that froze be the same as it once was

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