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Frozen Grain

A brewer I know carried a sack of grain in the back of his pickup. Here in New York with the bellow zero temps it has frozen. Will this damage the grain in any way?

it won’t. many here store grain in the freezer for short periods of time if their brew day is delayed. I’ve done this many times and have found no difference. Just need to bring it back to room temp so it is easy to determine how hot you need to heat your mash water to ensure the proper mash temp.

That is the answer I was hoping for. Thanks.

I have even gone as long as a 4-6weeks with no ill effects.

When I drive across town for grain, I always buy the grain for two/three batches. Sometimes I can’t get to that second or third batch for weeks. So, the grain stays in the freezer. But like I said, no ill effects.


I store my grain in my unheated shed, which is currently well below freezing temperatures. Storage temperature doesn’t seem to have any effect on the grain. Just keep it protected from water and humidity and it will stay good for a very long time.

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