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Frozen dry yeast

So, uuhhh this friend was inventorying his hops and yeast and since I wasn’t - I mean he wasn’t - paying attention, he put the dry yeast in the freezer along with the hops. When he reached in the fridge a day later to get a pack of Fermentis 06 for his Weizen he discovered the mistake.

Since it’s dry, I assume it would not be as badly harmed as yeast in a liquid. Should I - I mean, should he repitch as soon as the local shop opens Monday morning?

Not a problem.

I’ve stored bread yeast in the freezer. Never had an issue.

Right. In fact, since I always keep some on hand but use it infrequently, that’s exactly where I routinely keep my dry yeasts.

Thanks! You’ll not be surprised to hear that my weizen is bubbling away.

Time to read “Yeast”.

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