Frozen Beer, OH NO!

Last night my keezer malfunctioned and everything inside froze. Including my keg, my lines, my bottles, and a carboy of lager I was fermenting. I thawed everything out and returned it to the keezer AFTER I fixed the freezing issue. Is my beer now ruined? :cry:

My beer and cider are in my garage and we had a temp dip into temps around -20F for a few days and I went to go get a beer and nothing - Frozen. I turned the heat on and opened the door and no apparent damage to two 5 gallon batches of beer and one batch of cider. Wait for it to thaw and taste it. Dunno about the Lager, though.

Haven’t had the pleasure of dealing with that situation myself, but I recall seeing that at least a few people on here have had that happen in the past and the beer was ok after it thawed, I don’t recal anyone saying the beer was ruined. Your lager is now “frost brewed”…so hope you like Coors Light :wink:

In “How To Brew”, John Palmer tells the story of his “Cold but not baroque” Vienna lager which he inadvertently froze, and it turned out great. I bet you’ll be fine. Best of luck.

I recently left my temp probe out of the freezer and it froze. Not everything was frozen solid, but a couple kegs with only a gallon or two did, along with some bottles. Check your bottles for cracks and sealing caps. The partially frozen kegs were super concentrated until they thawed. I gave mine a light mixing as I noticed some stratification in some wine and beer bottles. Evrything was fine once thawed. Good luck!

When I say malfunctioned… I left the temp probe out too… Whoops. Everything seems ok. Once my carboy thawed out and I gave it a few swirls to mix it back up it started bubbling again. I did the same with the keg and it tasted just as good as before. The bottles I had stored in there (after throwing out the ones with broken seals) tasted just fine, I just made sure to roll them into a glass. Still I hope not to have to try that again. :cheers:

Glad everything turned out ok. Its a pain in the ass though!