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Frozen Beer, Lines, Posts?

I finished tonight building my keezer. I added on tap a few days ago and plugged it in. I set the thermostat to 40. Today I added two more taps. During this process I let the keezer run (no clue why), so as the thermostat said 60 and kicked on, the beer was still cold.

In the process I had all 3 taps going, I have a dual regulator with an air distributor hooked up to one of the two gauges. At one point one of the beers attached to the distributor was coming out all head, I turned down the PSI. At one point I must have inadvertently turned off the CO2 tank, I turned this back on.

When I went back after all this I tried the taps and no luck. I let them stay opened for a few minutes and I would get a slow stream down to drips. I just went again after about 2 hours and I was able to pull less than an ounce off of all three.

I pulled the pressure relief valve earlier to see if there was CO2 is the keg and there was.


Is the beer frozen?

Working today. I did shake the keg and it wasn’t frozen yesterday. Maybe just in the tube?

Is it corrected now?

Still going strong and the beer is flowing! :cheers:

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