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From the NB Blog - Don't Panic! Unsticking Stuck Fermentations

Don’t Panic! Unsticking Stuck Fermentations

You’ve spent hours making your latest creation. You’ve sweated over the mash tun, rested at all the notable temperatures, infused, decocted, whirlpooled, first wort hopped, hop rocketed, chilled, and pitched your yeast. You relax and pour yourself a pint, looking forward to seeing that layer of krausen the next day and hearing the happy sound of healthy yeast pushing off C02. Now, you get to choose your own adventure.

We’ll start with scenario one. You walk into the room and absolutely nothing has happened – no airlock activity, no action whatsoever. You decide to give it some more time, as you’ve heard that sometimes it takes a while for the yeast to get moving. Another day passes, and you still don’t see anything. Don’t fear! All is not lost. There are a few easy things you can do to figure out what’s happening and get your batch back on track.

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