From the NB Blog: Brew Ideas for a Lazy Sunday

Brew Ideas for a Lazy Sunday

Now that the weather is finally warming up over here at Northern Brewer HQ, it’s time to invite some friends over for the 3 B’s of summer: Beer, BBQ, Brew Day. Since we will be trying to enjoy the sun and defrost after another Midwest winter, I am looking to emphasize the first two B’s and make my Brew Day as easy as possible. With this in mind, here are a few shortcuts I’ve learned that I’d like to share.

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Serving a steak, and grilled veggies on a plank? No. Just No.

Surprised by the lack of comments on 90 minute Pilsner boils?

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I was waiting for that :slight_smile:

I don’t think a kit will SHORTEN my brew day…. having to order, wait, damn, the yeast didn’t make it, …. sort of a thing…. Sneezles61

Guess I’m doing it all wrong. Haven’t boiled a pils for 90 minutes…ever?

Also I know some brewers subscribe to the theory but I’ve never understood the concept of making your brew day “shorter” by splitting it into multiple brew days. Makes no sense to me. You’re still spending time on the steps necessary to brew. I’d rather do it all in one session.

No comment on the kits. Not my thing. I do remember the instructions being interesting though. Maybe that 90 minute boil is supposed to compensate somehow for pitching your yeast at 80 degrees?

This is a silly post. If I want to spend a lazy day I don’t brew. A brew day takes what it takes. if I have to work at making it shorter it’s not relaxing and kind of defeats the purpose. My .02

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Maybe they are only boiling non-Pilsner beer for 30 mins?

I’m a splitter. I’m not saying it makes the process shorter but the brewery is shorter because I don’t have an additional 2 hours of getting grain weighed, crushing the grain, weighing salt additions, weighing hops, dragging up my equipment and water… If I do that the night before the brew day is less taxing.

Whatever works for ya right?

I wonder where the OP went too? I would hope he could explain the 90 minute boil so we get a glimpse as to why… Sneezles61