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From 60 to 45

So plan to do either tomorow or wednessday brew session. Ok still do extract untill my complete stock is gonna. But my question. Normaly do 60 min boil. With late lme addition. Can i cut the boil time to 45 min. Maybe stupid idea. So my brew dont get so dark. The longer the boil time the more dark it will get. ?? And i do leave the top of the kettle. Half open.

The shorter boil will change the hop bitterness, whether that’s bad other nor not depends on the recipe…

For extract, I believe the boil time is more about the hops than the DMS. I’ve even seen no-boil extract kits (pre-hopped extract)

So plug the recipe into something like BeerSmith and see what it does to the predicted IBU’s.

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Will do. Compare the info tonight

You can still boil the hops for 60 or whatever you want then add the extract later.

Maybe should try this.

On the Importance of Late Extract Addition - Menu In Progress may offer some insights into how much LME to use at the start of the boil and how much to use at the end of the boil.

Our man Denny says in his book that since LME has already been boiled down to an extract when you buy it, that adding it at the beginning of boil does not make much sense. Does not contribute much. I think he recommend s adding in last 15 minutes. I would still do the full 60 min for the hops though.

From some reading a wort SG of 1.040 is optimum for hop oil isomerization.

Ive done 45 min hop additions no problems. The thing is that I don’t add my hops until my hot break is absorbed. So my 60 min boil is actually 70 min. My 45 is 55 min. So to only boil 45 min I would have to add the hops at 35. Do you follow?

I just did a 30 min boil extract batch, it turned out great. I added all the dme at the beginning .

So what i do now. Boil. Add dme and half the lme boil. Than start my hops schedule . The last 15 min the other half lme. Reason i ask this. My beers do come out. Dark. Ok i do ale only. Most of them are dark. And the finished beer taste good. And the right abv. But me not happy with the color. On the end the color not that imoprtant. But would like it bit lighter. If i look at the beer brew software. The color image bit lighter

Are you willing to share the recipe?

Changing the timing on the 2nd LME addition (from 15 minutes to flame-out) may be the simplest thing to try to lighten the color - but it will likely have some impact on the bitterness and aroma flavors.

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I believe you will be able do dial in the color better with all grain recipes

Actully. Got some result. By adding 6 row malt. The beer bit lighter. Did check some beers fermenting yesterday. Color wise. Bit lighter.

Nope. So are you saying that you wait til you see the boiling of the hop trub, which takes about 7-10 minutes? So thats why you add a bit earlier? Sneezles61

No I start boiling and after most of the foam crap drops into the boil I add my bittering addition and start my clock. I believe @denny explained why in a post once

I usually turn the heat down a bit during hot break…should i not?

Well you don’t want a boil over but I try to keep a good boil going until it boils off.

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I guess boil off is the wrong term it’s actually dropping. If you don’t let it drop you may get cloudy beer.

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I will use enough heat to keep a good head of foam coming up. I’ve found a stirring motion that goes deep and then up to lift the wort through the foam breaks the surface tension to help avoid a boil over. I’m still ready to take the kettle off the heat just in case it isn’t working well enough.

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