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Frist mead or "how I almost died"

Attack for the Oxygen Stone “Bloody Good Mead”

Obviously something needs to go wrong apparently everytime I make anything. Luckily enough everything has tasted fine so what the hell.

I decide to tackle mead due to the fact I’m tired of seeing this 1 gal container sitting around doing nothing and the mrs. asking me if I’m ever going to do something with it (ie: throw it out)

I decide to buy a cosplay warhammer off ebay and make some mead (I’m still working on growing out the massive beard)

yea yea yea it’s not exactly 1 gallon but damn close, it’s that bottle they use for that gross grocery store sangria with the hallucinating colors and nasty after taste.

chop chop!

Look what I just bought!

Why is the tube diameter so much smaller then the airstone?!?! Screw it I’ll push it in really hard (I’ve said the same thing to the wife)


hand slips off and blood is everywhere, in the bottle, on the fruit, I think I’ve severed an artery! ok maybe it wasn’t that bad, it was more of a scrape that didn’t even bleed a while… I had to wait a minute to even get a picture of it but I thought it would make for a good story.


Shit… I better move it to the sink, it’s foaming everywhere and Mrs is about to wake up

Ta Daaaaa

I put a pack of MrBeer yeast i had in there and topped it off with some bread yeast this is a very sloppy mix but if it turns out bad after a year I’ll just bash it with my War Hammer.

Next time dip the end of the tubing in boiling water for a couple of seconds to soften it and it’ll slide right on. And if you’re using dry yeast, there’s no need to oxygenate. Looks like you made mead, though! :wink:

Thanks shadetree, honestly I just got the regulator from NB and was looking for an excuse to try it out lol

My JAOM has a couple weeks left to go but man out of the blue it cleared pretty good, nearly see though.

I had a bunch of stuff left over so Saturday I made a pineapple/orange and a blackberry version.

8 hours later the Blackberry was about to blow, I had to take the tip off my bottle filler and make a quick DIY blowoff system lol.

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