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Frige or freezer?

I figure it’s about time I invested in a temperature controlled fermentation set up. I brew mostly british and american ales but would like to do a lager now and then.

Questions: should I get a refrigerator or a freezer? What are the advantages and disadvantages of one versus the other for this intended use?

No difference in the use/operation.

Be cautious of upright freezers. Some of them have to coils in the shelves. So you can’t move them out of the way.

You are more likely to get more carboys/pails in a chest freezer than a fridge with the same CI’s. As there is more “floor” space.

There are advantages and disadvantages to most everything and need to decide what is best for you.

A frig gets pretty cold but should not freeze your brew/beer/wort and of course is adjustable temps above freezing.
A freezer is made to freeze, and though you can adjust them UP in temps they may not adjust warm enough, but you can buy an external thermostat to install in the power line also if needed or sometimes the control can be played with and made to adjust warmer.

Though chest type have a great advantage in open easy access to floor space and more of it plus more energy efficient most the time, remember a 5 gal of wort will weigh what about 40-50lbs perhaps? With a decent chest freezer you could sit maybe 2-3 5gal fermenters in flat on the floor. But will you be comfortable lifting them in and out as needed?

An upright is easier to slide a full fermenter in and out, but then do to floor space your probably limited to only doing 1 at a time. If there is shelf space above for a second fermenter the question is would it hold that much weight to put one on a shelf? Not sure I would trust a shelf in many of them,

Also as mentioned with an upright you’ll need to make sure you can remove the shelves if needed

Also of course with any of them, you need to look to see if the fermenter will sit inside or if the compressor is built in in such away to eat up the lower floor space preventing the fermenter from sitting in.
I have seen a few smaller frigs and freezers with that nasty hump in the side or back where the compressor is mounted, and that hump is floor space removed from the floor inside.

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