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Fridge idea

After some deep thought fueled by Sierra Nevada Celebration last night I came up with an idea. We have one of those fridges that has cold water through the door. Kind of nice to grab a glass easily. But what if you disconnected the water line and hooked it up to a keg system? Instant cold draft.

Yes I know it probably wouldn’t work and come out foam or some other problem but if I had a second fridge with the through the door thing it would be a cool project. I have this feeling my wife won’t go for converting the kitchen fridge :grin:

Just put a tap through the fridge door. It’s just the two of you right? So you don’t need all that fridge space for food. Take out the bottom drawers and a shelf of two and put a keg in there. :upside_down:

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That would go over big.
EDIT: Actually my wife has been very tolerant of my brewing obsession so no need to push my luck.

Our refrigerator water dispenses at stout drinking temperature but not cool enough for a summer time fizzy yellow saison. There is the ice cube dispenser right next to it though.

Amazing how a brew can conjure up these ideas and possible solutions… Just put a tap with a short shank in the door, along with a longer tubing so you can open the door unimpeded… the best of both worlds… HHHMMMM, CO2? Sneezles61

Ours is about that cold too. I hadn’t thought the whole thing out until after the Celebration ale wore off.

That was my first draft system. Used equipment from a CO2 dealer, a 1940’s Crosley Shelvadoor fridge that was given to me and a stylish bowl on the floor to catch drips. The fridge had the freezer compartment hanging down inside.

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