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Fridge Died :(

My kitchen fridge died today. So I am being forced to convert my Super Nerdy temperature controlled fermentation freezer into a make-shift backup-fridge. It was not an easy call, but in the end there’s more money in the fridge than the fermenters.

So the Dundalk that I brewed 9-days ago; went into a keg as a secondary. Luckily that one was made with a VERY healthy starter and had almost no lag; Krausen dropped several days ago. Measured 1.017 which may be final; it’s the first time I’ve used OYL-016.

The one that me a bit worried is the pseudo-patersbier; I just brewed it yesterday. It’s a 3-gallon, 1.052 OG, pitched WLP-500. BUT my basement stays under 70 so I’m pretty sure that yeast will turn out fine at that temp.

BTW, Kitchen fridges are FREAKING EXPENSIVE.
SWMBO is liking one that’s ON SALE for 1500.

I think you could swamp cooler your most recent brew… for now, it just may fit the bill… I talked to a friend, whom is down sizing his house hold for a major move, he sold a fairly new chest freezer that easily held a half of beef for very little! I needed something that size for my keeper build up… AH NUTS… Sneezles61

RIP. Make sure you get one that you can convert for your use down the road just in case.

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That sucks! At least you had something in hand to take care of the vittles and give you time to shop.

If there’s one take away for home brewers considering a fermentation freezer or keezer conversion, its this: If the fridge goes out it’s very easy to change the temp controller to serve as a backup fridge. Just make sure you buy (or DIY!) a controller that can do cold-crashing at fridge-like temperatures.

Assuming the replacement arrives, and get’s hooked-up properly, I’ll be about 36 hours without a proper fridge. In that time, most of my food would be questionable. There’s only so much you can save with ice and a picnic cooler. I’m not worried about food spoiling by being too warm, or by getting wet from ice melt. If anything; I’m worried about the stuff on the bottom inadvertently freezing.

Don’t get a side by side. They are useless for homebrewing

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How is the broken fridge acting? If it’s and old top and bottom, make sure the evaporator fan is working. It should be behind the back panel of the freezer compartment. I have fixed our garage fridge twice by just lubricating the fan motor.

If the compressor is shot, buy a new fridge.

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