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Friday morning Brewing

Got some water heating this morning about 8 am. Made NB’s Cream Ale with an addition of NZ Pacifica hops at 5 mins. Did a split volume extract boil on my stove with both pots holding 3 gallons of water. I did this once before and it turned out great. It was 8 degrees outside this morning so I was happy to not be AG brewing outside. I usually do an extract or two in the winter time. I also kegged my “Make My Day” Pale Ale.

Trying to refine my brew day and make it easier and simpler. From being able to get to my equipment without moving a dozen other things to more efficient preparation and clean up. I cleaned out a brew tote and some stuff in my brew closet that I had had since brew #1 some 8 or 9 years ago. Had a pretty good brew day and I’m looking forward to the next one.

Glad to see you back! Haven’t seen you around lately.

Thanks. Have not brewed in a while, but not quit. Just waited for hot summer temps to pass and then brew when I have time.

I realized a few years ago that my brew days were taking much longer than they should, so I sat down and wrote out every step of the process, and figured out if there was some way to do things more efficiently, get certain items ready ahead of time, etc. Worked wonders. My brewday went from taking at least 8 hours to make a single batch, to making a two batches in 6-8 hours. And perhaps just as importantly, things were a lot less hectic as well.

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