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Fresh hop cones

What is the best use for fresh home grown cascade hops? added during the last bit of the boil? dry hopping? is there a way of estimating how much bitterness it will impart? cheers :slight_smile:

iā€™m not experienced with homegrown hops but I would imagine they would be awesome.It may be difficult to calculate the exact AA% since growing conditions will affect that a good bit, so I think using store bought for bittering and homegrown for flavor and aroma.

Not boil

Finishing, hopback, or dry hop.

Fresh hops can supposedly be great. They can impart a pleasant or unpleasant grassiness - therein lies the art.

You could make up one a liter wort with DME. Boil a proportional amount of hops that may be equal to the amount for a 5 gallon batch. Boil 60 minutes for a bitterness taste test. Bring the same wort back to a boil and add some hops for a flavor test. At the end you can alos dry hop for aroma.

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