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Freezing starter wort in FoodSaver bags

Bad idea even if I sanitize them?

I’m not sure about this. The trick, I think, would be avoiding contamination of the wort during cooling and transfer to the bags. Plus, handling plastic bags of liquid might be a pain. You could transfer hot wort to sanitized jars, leaving plenty of headspace (2+ inches in a widemouth mason jar), and then freeze those. We do that with homemade broths all the time.

I can my starter worts in mason jars, as mentioned in another recent post. Everything is sanitized in boiling water as you would with any canned preserves. We can a lot so we’re used to doing it.

I think your food saver would suck up a lot of the wort, wouldn’t it?

I just put about 1800 mL in a gallon ziplock, lay them flat, and freeze them.

Defrost, boil, chill, pitch.

Pressure canning would sure save a lot of time though, so that’s the route I’m planning to go next.

I would be concerned with oxidation in those plastic bags personally. Those bags are definitely not oxygen proof and freezing leads me to believe that you intend to store them for quite awhile…

If the oxidation doesn’t concern you because of their use though, I guess I don’t see a reason you couldn’t, just make sure you sanitize well and make sure those bags seal properly.

Although the boiling method is used by many, it is techannly not correct. The Ph of the wort is to high and pressure canning is the approprate way to kill the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. ... ahead-time

The purpose of the Food Saver is to eliminate oxygen from food so it doesn’t spoil. With liquids/high moisture foods you should freeze them 1st. Then seal the package. I’ve had bags not complexly seal and allow air in, other food items. Just use those first.

And like boil canning, freezing doesn’t kill the botulinum spores. But has been used by many.

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