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Freezer wont get cold

I just got a old coldspot chest freezer. The compressor run and lights work. You can here a “liquid” noise inside of it but to me it sounds normal like its doing its thing. However after almost 24 hours plugged in it has gone up a few degrees towards ambient temp. It is on the coldest setting. I removed the back panel and all copper tubing coming from the compressor is fine and intact however not cold at all. I obviously cant see it in the walls but there is a putty around the entry that is still pliable. No obvious leaks from the compressor. Anyone have experience getting a system recharged or clue as to if this could even be the problem?

Since you say the compressor is running and the cold coil isn’t cold ir sounds like it is low on freon or doesn’t have any freon in it at all. If you want to fix it, you will need to call in an appliance repairmen and have it pressure tested and recharged.

You may find out that it is cheaper to replace it than repair it though.


I lucky just talked to a buddy and his…girlfriends dad owns a restaurant and he does all his own. He took a course and has all the equipment. Everything I have been reading says that freon only gets out through a leak but then why would a restaurant need to periodically need to do there? IDK I’m currently trying to find the type of freon because he has a bunch of that also. I believe it was on the plate on the side however I painted over that and then everything washed off with paint thinner asides from the serials engraved. It is very old around 36 years. Really nice looking so I hope I can get it to work.

Have you cleaned out the condenser coil? Just take a vacuum cleaner and vacuum the coil and also around the compressor area.

I have never seen the inside of a freezer before this morning. Everything around the compressor is clean-ish and fairly wide open. I’m not sure where the compressor coil is located? I can’t see anything on the front end that is a coil shape. Like a spring?

since the system is pressurized a pin hole leak will render it useless even though it still ‘runs’.
I’m speculating here but when you cleaned it up did you see any areas on the tubing that were oily? especially around brazed joints. if you find a leak, please don’t attempt to repair it yourself even if someone lends you the tools and supplies. (no, i am not your mother) :twisted:

as mentioned before the cost of repair AND cost of running an old appliance after repaired may make a new unit more cost effective. if the person (if truly experienced) you know can do it for free it still may not be worth it because that inefficient unit will have you paying in the long run.

by chance did you tip it on its side just before plugging in?

Not on its side but we carried it down a steep set of stairs…It ran for more then 24 hours.

:?: so you plugged it in, it ran with getting cold for 24hours then it stopped cooling?

if so, maybe there is something funky with the thermostat control. Try backing off the thermostat control a little.
Or did an electrical connection get jarred in moving then somehow became totally disconnected in that 24 hr period?

Are you sure it ran correctly before you got it?

Good luck with it!!

I would probably use this as a storage bin for grains or fermenting ales, OR get rid of it.
For a freezer this old, I have a feeling you would be replacing it soon anyways. Start looking on craigslist for a newer used one.
It just sounds like a major hassle, with a lot of unknowns to get this up and running.

Huh :?: Give up without a little effort?? Is that the new American way.
This says it all, :lol:


Dang Germans.

It never got cold. I just got it and when I plugged it in everything sounded right so I figured it would work.

so much for free. been there done that. :slight_smile:

have a good one.

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