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Freezer choice

This weekend I should be making my freezer for keezer purchase.

Looking at a 7 cu. ft. GE unit from Home Depot - with my vet’s discount I should score it rather cheap.

My question is - on more and more freezers I’m seeing a dial in the front to regulate temperature.

  1. Is there any reason to stay away from these? I know I will be running a Johnson’s Controls digital temp controller (from NB) but didn’t know if they’d be compatible together.

  2. If you’re running a keezer with one of those built in thermostats and a temp controller - what/where do you leave the built in thermostat set at? WFO?

Thanks - I did a search but my search fu sucks (Highly doubt I’m the first to ask this)

Set the temp on the fridge/freezer to the coldest. The other controller will regulate the temp then.

See this post of an alternate controller. Not knocking NB or JC, but you can save some dollars with this.


edit: spell check

Thank you sir!

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