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My holiday weekend has been decimated by sick 2-year-olds. I’ve got a mash I started this morning in a fit of optimism and no way I’m making it through the boil before morning. My tentative plan is to sparge, then freeze the wort until later this week/next weekend. Anyone got a reason that won’t work?

It will be fine. Take care of your baby

Granite City brew pub used to ship wort to be fermented at each brewpub. Don’t know if they still do but if they can do it with their volume I’m assuming a homebrew level could too

Think it works. Take care of your 2 year olds first

You’re going to boil it anyway, so the few spoilage organisms that may get in won’t have time to do much damage at freezer temps.

Most importantly, you’ll have taken care of what’s most important, you’ll have avoided transferring sick baby germs to your beer, and you can tell us how it works.

Well, I took advantage of this Minnesota weather for cold storage. Both kids passed out hard last night, so I took advantage. Wort hadn’t even frozen yet.

Mostly went as expected. I was experimenting with mash hopping. When I first ran the wort, it had a definite hoppy aroma. Thankfully it didn’t go skunky, but the aroma had definitely dissipated. Also, the wort had clarified significantly. I mean I hadn’t exactly slacked off on the vorlauf, but it was still an impressive amount of sediment without screwing up the OG. If the final product comes out, this may become a regular part of my winter brewing.

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