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I seem to collect far too many freebies from breweries, wineries, distributors, HBS’s, competitions, etc. So much so that I just don’t have room for most of it anymore and give most of it away. But, it seems like I am doing this CONSTANTLY! Does anyone else seem to have this problem? What does everyone else do with this stuff when you’ve become overrun?

You pass it along to others or Goodwill/charity depending on what you have.

Mr. Octabird
American Made!

I stopped bringing home the glasses. just too many. I try to get stickers and coasters, recently made a collage of coasters and “flair” and put in a frame to hang up in my office. I seriously doubt that donating to a charity is in any way viable, except with a t-shirt or something and most charities probably wouldn’t accept them anyways. You’re probably talking about pins, stickers, tasting glasses, posters, etc.

I am the same with wine stuff, just too much junk that I have to stop collecting.

I bet I get 50+ bottle openers a year. Hell, I filled a 1 gal jar with just WoodChuck Hard Cider bottle openers. Lol
I get all kinds of freebies though, I attend a lot of conferences and festivals and a lot of the stuff comes in grab bags and seem to receive a TON of stuff in the mail. But, I also have two friends who own breweries and one who owns a winery. So most of the freebies come into my hands by accident or by gift. But, there is so much of this stuff floating around… I recently had to donate an entire box of beer glasses and I didn’t buy any of them! Trust me I keep the best stuff, but the rest has been getting passed on. :roll:
At least some of the stuff is getting more creative. This is a fridge magnet!
[attachment=0]Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener-re.jpg[/attachment]

I need to find some stickers, now I have a blank freezer I’m using for fermentation and it looks kinda naked :lol:

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