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Free rise fermentation?

Hello I am trying to figure out this fermentation profile it said to Chill wort to 63° F (17° C) as quickly as possible, run off into a fermenter, pitch yeast, and oxygenate for 1 minute using pure oxygen. Fermentation should be allowed to free-rise to 67° F (19° C) during the first 4days now my question how does one allow it to rise from 63f to 67f during the first 4days?

Pitch at 63 set set your control to 65 and forget about it.


Just let it do its thing. Just control the temp.

Active fermentation is an exothermic reaction. As the fermentation begins the heat produced will raise the temperature of the beer. The wort will also naturally rise to the ambient room temperature. This assumes the room your fermentor is in is a living friendly temperature of about 68° to 75°F.

Sounds like the recipe may mean to not let the temperature rise above 67° for the first four days. After four days, at a maximum of 67°, the decision will be yours to hold the beer at that temperature or let/bring the beer to a warmer temperature to finish the time in the primary fermentor.

Thats a good thing that instructions tell you, you should control the temperature… I will ferment a bit lower until the the fermenter slows way down… then let it come up to room temp to finish, or about 70. Its work quite nice for me… I have a hard time going out to breweries to buy pints for 5-7 bucks, when I can have a home brew at home that I feel is better for about 5 cents a pint! Sneezles61

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