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Free keggle

I got a keg last year and cut the lid fitting and drilled the hole for a ball valve. I bought a newer system before every using it and now it is taking up space. If anyone in the portland area wants to pick it up, it’s free to you. Let me know and I apologize if I cant post this here.

I had a couple that I used for years and also upgraded to a new system. Tried to give them away to some local homebrewer without luck and finally put them to the curb for metal scrappers.

I hope someone scoops it up. They really work nice for 10 gallon brew pots.Shipping would be astronomical.

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Yeh I cant imagine shipping on these lugs for the 30 I spent on it originally. I thought about turning it into a stool or a urinal for the shop

I emailed the president of oregon brew crew about it as well and haven’t gotten a response. Cant even give them away

I would take it but it’s on the west coast. Could make something out of it. Fill it with ice for a keg party or put soda and beer in it. To store it I’d make a nice removablewooden circle top and make a table with storage. So many options


Clam steamer?

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Great Idea Brew Cat… Make a nice disc, becomes an out of doors beer drinking table for by the fire! OODBDTFBTF… I like your thinnin’!:blush: Sneezles61

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