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Foundry 10.5 Gallon Arrived!

Well, the day after getting let go due to Covid19 my Foundry 10.5 shows up. Guess I’ll have plenty of time to work with it now. I’ll post results of my first brew if anyone’s interested.

The funny part is that two of them showed up. NB emailed later and offered a recipe kit if I’ll send it back. That works for me.


Hate to hear about your job. Hopefully things will get better soon.

Yeah please let us know how it goes! Tricks, problems, tips, etc. Helps others who are interested in buying one or getting into brewing.

Good on you for being honest. I had to look up this Foundry 10.5 and it’s not cheap… so sending 2 was a big FUp.

@TylerP you have to report back here how it goes using it.

We are always interested in how brewing comes out.

Good for you being honest about the second one and sorry about your job. More time to play with the new toy though.

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Good for you being honest about the second one and sorry about your job. More time to play with the new toy though.

There was a bit of a cha-ching moment, but with small business struggling to stay open it wasn’t a hard decision. I was an entrepreneur prior to the job that let me go.

They also added some goodies to the Dead Ringer IPA recipe kit that they sent as a thank you. Will be brewing that later today.

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@TylerP - Interested in hearing your experience with the Foundry.

All - I’ve been brewing many years with propane then NG. I have a cooler tun, 15 gal. kettle, and brew pump. My son started brewing about three years ago on propane but purchased the Foundry and sold all his propane based gear and is telling me I should get one.

I’m just looking to reduce brewing time and the amount of stuff I need to drag out on brewing day (ain’t getting any younger). Don’t want to get rid of my nice Boilermaker yet because my son and I do double batches on occasions but was wondering if any others have switched from tun/kettle to the Foundry and can share their experience.


I switched from a induction cook top and extract / BIAB kits so I can’t compare it to a full propane setup. I have assisted on a few brews with my neighbor on his three vessel system and I was very impressed with how fast he could get to a boil and how vigorous it was. He boils off over a gallon in an hour and I was only seeing 1/4 gallon boil off in the same time.

One reason I chose the Foundry was that it can be switched over to 240V when I’m ready. If you are used to propane burners I would highly recommend running it on 240V. It takes a good hour to go from mash to boil with 110V.

The Foundry is working great for me. I have brewed two 5 gallon all grain batches and had only one stuck sparge on the first batch. I slowed down the pump flow and added rice hulls to the second batch and that seemed to fix the issues. Overall I am very happy with it. The pump and the grain basket are huge upgrades from my other system. The delay timer is also a great feature.

Thanks for your feedback - can’t wait till I receive mine.

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