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Found this funny

So I was tailgating at the Redskins game yesterday (yes, we suck) and brought two growlers of homebrew. One was a Hefe and the other was an Octoberfest. My tailgating buddy is a die hard Coors Light guy, mostly because he has no self control and if he drank real beer he would be passed out every day be about 3 pm. The first couple games this year I had brewed a cream ale just for tailgating and he loved it.

So my next batch of cream ale is not quite ready, thus the two growlers. We park next to two pretty wild 50ish women who are very friendly and having a good ole time. At some point I ask them if they want to try some homebrew and one replies “No, I can’t handle that strong stuff”…as she is taking Vodka lemon drop shots, like 4 of them!

to some homebrew = moonshine.
For the unknowing, I just say, “it’s like (insert shitey BMC beer here) but with a boatload more flavor.” Once I hook 'em, I reel them in with BEERSPEAK!

ive had many similar experiences. i think that what makes people afraid of homebrews alcohol is from past experience with homebrew made without any form of temp control. tons of fusel alcohol all going straight to ya dome.

Years ago, my buddy and I made beer at a Brew-On-Premise (this was before my homebrewing days) and we had 10 gallons of a Czech Pils and 10 gallons of Oktoberfest all bottled in 22-oz bombers and we had a party at my bud’s condo clubhouse. To be fair, we also picked up some macroswill. There must’ve been 100 people there and many were drinking the BOP-brewed beer and enjoying it. But there were 10 or so people (who were friends of my bud’s… I did not know them) and they kept insisting that they couldn’t drink that ‘homebrew stuff’ and they kept running to the store for more Miller Lite. For the record, these two beers were dynamite and also filtered & force-carbed. Not only did they taste fantastic but they even looked fantastic! Some just don’t get it.

This reminds me of the “I don’t like dark beer” comment…dark beer being anything darker than BMC.


At the same time, I hate when beer advocates say they can’t drink anything unless it’s barrel aged…ugh. :roll:

[quote=“shredd3r”]This reminds me of the “I don’t like dark beer” comment…dark beer being anything darker than BMC.
:roll: [/quote]I was talking with a woman in my old neighborhood… she told me she had just had a “dark beer” with lunch. Which beer, I asked?

Foster’s lager.

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