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Found in the basement

Not sure the age 12 pack in wood case i know is at least 16 years old though

You might want to cold crash that for a couple days. You know, to make sure the yeast have flocced…


Not sure i want to try it though. I do know it is at least 16 years old is thats when my family moved back to maine and its been in the basment since then

You just have to try it… Then you can decide if it was too late… Tell us of your sampling… Sneezles61

But its a 12 pack complete in special wooden box. Hate to break it up. Although i am curious

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I say try 11…that way you will have one left to show off :blush:

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Keep it on a shelf

One caveat, the label says brewed in Lehigh Valley, Pa. And the city of angels! No where near the venerable old downtown Detroit ‘fire brewed’ facility. Probably not worth a lot of angst…dump 'em or drink em.

I grew up in Stroh’s country. Wasn’t bad and I brewed a Bohemian pils last year that was a serviceable knockoff.

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