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Found airlock off

Pitched one packet of Windsor British style ale yeast yesterday in my winter warmer ale. This morning I had great fermentation and about 3 inches of kraussen. Tonight I found that my youngest son had removed the airlock and dropped a plastic stick into the fermentor. The kraussen is gone. I removed the stick and replaced the airlock. Should I re-pitch the yeast?

I would say “no”. I wouldn’t do anything except clean and resanitize the airlock and put it back on. It should finish and be fine. At this stage of ferment being so aggressive and all, it should keep bad things out. I have open fermented before and got away with it. Later on it will be more vulnerable. Try not to panick, and see it thru. Maybe put some “Crime Scene” tape around it?

#1 time for an a&& whooping, tan his hide.
(I kid, its not that big of deal as CO2 is simply exhausting in this stage, the stick is kind of a bummer but hopefully it was sort of clean.)
#2 No, The main part of fermentation may have already completed and it needs no more yeast.
Just replace airlock now and leave it be for a few days and then check SG to see if its completed.

#3 As an aside In case your not aware for the future there is two distinct differences between Nottingham and Windsor yeast. Nottingham will ferment down to around 1.010 which is normal. Windsor is a low attenuator and typically leaves beers “sweeter” as in leaving a SG of around 1.012-1.015 that should work fine in this beer as you may even want a little residual sweetness.
But for pale ales/ bitters Nottingham or other will be a better choice over Windsor, just an FYI.

Thanks guys you made me feel much better. I have move my stuff to a more secure location. I can’t blame the boy for wanting to get into the beer. I have to control myself.

It’s the hardest part-- I.e., finding a place that is out of the way…but let the little guy help (maybe weighing grains or hops or adding water…safe activities - he will love being a part of it. I did and now my helper is 21 and the envy of his college classmates regarding his knowledge of beer types and homebrewing (I can hardly keep up with their demand when I visit him). Honestly - your beer should be fine, by the way! Be sure to clean off that piece of plastic, but keep it handy to add to other beers, if this one turns out to be outstanding…


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