Foster's clone?

I like the Austrailian beer Fosters. Does NB make a kit? Does anyone have a recipe. You gave me a recipe for Oberon and it was great. Actually better in side by side taste tests. But we might have been a bit prejudiced.

If you google “Foster’s Lager Clone” you will find several different clone recipes to choose from…also…looking at the google results you’ll find someone actually sells a Foster’s Clone kit…

Foster’s is a lager. Can you maintain 50* while it’s fermenting? ... ts_id=1952

Try this one.

Don’t have a recipe to share, but remember being told about 20 years ago
(when Foster’s was actually made in Australia) that the recipe contained at least 20% sugar as adjunct.

Fosters always seemed to me a fairly ‘average’ light lager, maybe slightly hoppier than some.
Seems to me you can use a fairly generic recipe to come close. It may be even easier now since the product, like many former imports, has been brewed in the USA for a number of years. I tink it is safe to say that the character has changed a bit.

Fond memories of Foster"s.

Had a buddy in the Air Forces that was dating a local British school teacher when we were in SW Asia during Operation Desert Shield/Storm. 3 of us went to her place for Thanksgiving Dinner. We were of course “dry” like everyone else at the base. :wink: