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Fortifying wine with tequila?

I have made a couple of port style wines using brandy and everclear. One of my friends asked if I have ever considered using “Tequilla” Obviously, I said no :shock: but he said "why not. there are so many varieties each with their own profile?’

Has anybody tried tequilla in their primary(step method) or later in the process :?:

Can’t say that I have, but after getting over the initial “eww” reaction, I realized he may be onto something; like a massive hangover.

But I could see the flavors being interesting and potentially good depending on what you are fortifying.

If you decide to try it, let us know how it comes out. If you are still able to type that is.

I definitely will.
I am waiting to hear from a couple of tequila forums. I have a feeling they are going to say something like “why ruin good tequila” with wine?LOL

Wine buff

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