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Forgot to put Wyeast in fridge

Fearing the inevitable here. Bought two Wyeast packs (3333 & 1332) in Minneapolis on Sunday (4/22) and forgot to put them in the fridge once we got back into Omaha. They’ve been in my basement, but the temp down there gets no lower than 55F.

Should I throw them and buy new ones? Would a yeast starter help?


Smack 'em! If they swell, you have live yeast. Making a starter isn’t a bad idea though.

They should be fine if they never got hot. The 50s and low 60s won’t hurt them a bit.

I agree that a starter is a good idea but I make a starter for every beer I brew. YMMV. 8^)


I plan on brewing Saturday, so I’ll smack them early and see what happens…

This is good news…the hottest they got was a maximum of 65F. I can’t remember how long NB takes to ship items, but it had to be at least 2-3 days via UPS, and every time my beer has turned out pretty darn good.

Thanks guys!

Welcome to the forum.

If we think about this a bit…

We brew a beer. It sits around 65* for 2-3 weeks. We bottle or keg the beer. The same day we brew a new beer and toss it on the yeast in the bottom of the fermenter. Wonderful beer is produced!

You will be fine! :wink:

Do you guys make a starter from wyeast smack packs? they seem pretty good, so i don’t know what added value a starter would provide… ?

1 pack will make a good/great beer.

There is a optimum amount of yeast to pitch in a given volume/OG of wort. This is a greater amount that what is in the smack pack/tubes.

See Mr Malty’s calculator for more information.

It all depends on the volume and gravity of the beer and the freshness of the yeast. 5 gals, 1.050 or under and yeast that is no more than a month old, I’ll just pitch the 1 pack. Higher gravity or older yeast, I’ll make a starter. But yeah, Mr. Malty is the way to go when trying to decide.

I always make a starter for any beer over 1.040 OG…which for me is every beer I make! My experience of 419 batches has taught me that the beer always turns out better with a starter.

My first/only experience so far has taught me that using a starter leads to explosive activity! Start at the low end of the yeast’s temp range and put the reins on (employ temp controls) as soon as you pitch. I didn’t and things got crazy :slight_smile: . It’s really incredible to behold.

I can see myself only using starters from now on, unless maybe I’m pitching fresh slurry or a dry packet.

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