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Forgot to make a starter

I had my Sunday set for brewing. I forgot to make my starter. I’m making a porter with an OG of 1.065. Made my starter at about 9 this morning. Can I still brew today and pitch the young starter tonight after 12 hours?

What’s your yeast strain and desired pitch rate?

We take as given that starters improve beer, at any gravity, but 1.065 is on the edge of where it’s absolutely necessary; a short duration starter is going to be better than none.

You’re trying to balance risk of infection in an unpitched wort, versus under pitching yeast into the same wort. Again, there’s not enough info to give good advice, but based on what’s here; I would go for it.

White labs WL002 English ale. Target 193 billion cells.

Some people prefer to pitch a starter at high krausen witch is normally 8 to 12 hours after pitching into the starter.

Oh. That’s good to know because this isn’t the first time I’ve landed myself in this situation. Thanks for the help. I decided to postpone brewing till today.

You should be fine. I just tapped my keg of Porter last week and it came out great. I too only did an eleven- twelve hour starter.

My fermentation was vigorous and after three to three and a half weeks of fermenting my yeast was done doing its job.

Good luck and please post your results.


This is why I’m so pleased with the increasing number of high quality dry yeasts.

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