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Forgot to add whirlfloc tablet to boil - suggestions?

Hey all. I forgot to add the intended whirlfloc tablet to my german pils before chilling. I’ve done this once before and was never able to get that beer to clear up sufficiently. Does any who has either done this or uses another product that can be added after fermentation have a suggestion? I know I need a protein haze focused fining agent but I’m not really sure what to use. I’m willing to buy whatever, short of 5 gallons of some commercial enzyme…


Gelatin is probably the most commonly used fining agent. Theres also isinglass, and a two-part fining called SuperKleer. The two part stuff is pretty thorough, I use it on wine.

I wouldn’t worry too much about skipping Whirlfloc, I don’t think it does that much to remove protein haze anyway. I’ve used Irish moss at times and don’t see a huge difference. If you’re having haze issues you might include a protein rest and see if you can’t clear things up that way.

Gelatin is cheap, easy and effective.

You can also add clarity ferm to the fermenter if you can find it locally. … 5-mls.html

If your making a true pils (lagered), just lager it for a while. 8-10 weeks. It will clear up.

Personally I’ve never been very concerned with having very clear beer. It’s nice and all, but just not a major concern of mine. I use to use Irish Moss and since I’ve stopped I gotta say I see little to no difference in my beer clarity. I’ve never used whirlfloc, but not using won’t hurt your beer.

Hmm, maybe it’s not as important as I thought. I’ve always used it so I guess I never considered what would happen if I didn’t except that my one experience in the past was not good. There certainly was a big difference in the clarity of the chilled beer post chilling - the whirlfloc has a major impact there! Seems to me like an advantage to hold back more of the break material in the kettle.

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