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Forgot Immersion chiller

Got carried away with several close late hop additions and completely forgot my Irish moss and immersion chiller. I usually bung the IC in at 15 minutes but this time it went in at gas off.

Whats the chance of infection ? slight, moderate or probable ? :lol:

Depends on how clean the IC was, I guess. Not much chance of infection unless it had a bunch of old wort and hops gunk dried on it and even then I think it’s a small chance at worst.

the IC was cleaned with a plastic scrubing brush 4 days earlier so no appreciable gunk on it.

It’ll be fine, it takes seconds to sanitize at 210F and copper heats rapidly. I generally add mine within the last 5min of boil.

I’ve never added mine until after flameout, and I’ve never had an infection issue. I do usually stick it in sanitizer the day-of, though, and it’s always clean.

ok, seems I’ve been pacing the floor at midnight these last few nights for nothing.
Cheers guys.

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