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Forced Carbonation - Selecting a CO2 Volume

Hey all,

I’m a little confused on the average CO2 volumes listed by BJCP style ( For example, I’m brewing an English Pale Ale, which according to the BJCP style should have an average of 1.025 Volumes of CO2. At serving temperature (say 60dF) that requires only 1.8psi.

Am I missing something here or does that sound like the beer would be completely flat? I’m a bit of a newb so I’d appreciate any guidance and help. Thanks.

This chart should help you I don’t like carbonating by rolling it around I use the sit and forget method. ... ation.html

At 60°F the saturation pressure of CO2 is ~1.0 vol, so yes, that beer would be more or less still. If that’s what you want, then you’d want to set the regulator to the minimum pressure required to get a decent flow rate out of your tap.

It’s worth noting that the BJCP guidelines don’t specify carbonation levels. Whoever came up with the chart you’re using put their own assumptions/preferences into it.

Bottom line, carbonate the beer to where YOU want it. I tried to put a mild on tap at 2.1 vol and had customers complain the beer was “flat”. You don’t have to worry about those issues.

your probably going to be around 7psi to 12 psi depending on how high you want it carbed at serving temp in the low 40’s

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