Force carbonation

I have the last straw.
All grain brewer bottle conditioned mostly kegged occassionaly.
Feel my beeer undercarbonated.
Beer 38 degrees, charge keg at 10 psi wait 24 charge again bottles cold.
I realize I will not get commercial carbonation.
Like my bottle conditioned beer , just wanted less sediment.
Not for judging.
Input ? Thoughts ?
Thamks Keith

It sounds like you are charging your keg and removing the gas. You need to leave the gas on. In addition, you are carbing to 2.38 volumes. For comparison most American beers are at 2.6-2.7 volumes. Depending on the style you can increase your psi to 13-14 psi at 38° to get better carbonation. It should be carbed after a week but after 2 weeks the CO2 will be hydrated and the carbonation will be better.

Like loopie said, if you can leave it on gas it’s better. Commercial carbonation is obtainable. You can probably do better than some.

With my system, 11-12 psi for 2 weeks give me excellent carbonation.

12lbs, keg in fridge and two weeks for me too. At some point the pressure will equalize so if it is longer, no problem. Once it reaches full carbonation you can remove the CO2 supply.