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Force Carbonating Calculator

Can someone point me to a good calculator for telling me how much psi and for how long and at what temp to get a certain amount of carbonation (Vols?)?

They should all give the same results. Here’s one: … ation.html

Do you want to drink it the same night you carb it?

Do you want to drink it the same night you carb it?[/quote]
I wouldn’t mind knowing how to do that approach as well.

BTW, the calculator doesn’t say how long you have to maintain the pressure in order to carbonate?!

There’s no single answer to that one. If you shake the keg frequently, you can have it carbed in 1-2 days. Without shaking, 7-10 days.

Thank you.

I’ve heard of folks pressurizing it at calculator pressure and shaking it while connected to the regulator until they can’t hear the regulator any longer.

Other ways is to over pressurize for a few hours, which will get it done faster. This adds a risk of over carbonating.

The easiest way, but takes the longest is just keep it at the calculator pressure for a week or so. If it is in the fridge it will pick up CO2 easier.

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