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Force Carbonating bottled beer

I’m new to kegging with only a single, sweet batch of Hefe on tap right now.

A friend of mine made a Russian Imperial Stout about a year ago, but he couldn’t get it to carbonate in the bottles. It has been sitting in his basement ever since. Would it be worth it to pour the bottles into a corny and force carb? If so, any tips to minimize oxidation? Thanks!

I had a similar issue a few years ago. I had a 2.5g keg to work with so it was a little easier.

Using a 5g keg I would find a funnel and some tubing so you could gently pour the beer to the bottom of the keg. Then, purge the keg of O2 but putting the gas through the “beverage” post. Hopefully scrubbing any O2 out of the beer.

Carbonate as usual and serve or push back into bottles.

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