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Force carbing question

I will be force carbing for the first time soon. I have watched loads of videos about how to do it and obviously everyone does it differently so I figured I would ask here to see what your recommendations are.

So, I will do it like this and let me know if you recommend anything different.
Chill keg to 35-40 degrees for a few hours. Attach CO2 tank and regulator to Gas In on keg.
Adjust CO2 pressure to 25-30 PSI and let sit for 2 days.
Remove Tank and regulator. Release excess pressure from the keg with the pressure relief valve.
Attach CO2 tank and regulator, adjust pressure to 8-10 PSI and serve.

Does that sound about right? I have seen people attach the CO2 tank to the Beer out side and force carb through the dip tube, and I have seen people rocking the keg. What are your opinions?

Thanks for the input.

I’m a little more conservative I only let the kegs sit at 35 PSI for 36 hours. I have over carbed in the past and found it a PITA to decarb a keg. So I under carb at 35 PSI then let the keg finish at 10 PSI, it may take a few days longer but I don’t over carb anymore.

Lots of ways to do this… but first, you don’t need to disconnect the CO2 at any point while carbing. What I do:

Put the keg in the fridge and hook up the gas. I don’t wait for it to cool. It will cool and carb. There’s really no need to wait, IMO.

Set to 30psi and let it sit for 24hrs.

Release the pressure and dial it down to 20psi. Let it sit for 24hrs.

Release the pressure and dial it down to 10psi. Let it sit for 24hrs.

Release the pressure and start tasting. I usually have to dial it back to about 8psi for serving, but that’s with my setup. It’s good to drink at this point, but really levels off after another few days sitting between 8-10psi.

Again, there are lots of different ways. Set it and forget it, starting high and dialing it down, rocking, they all work. I just prefer this way. Gets me drinking carbed beer in about 3 days and really have it dialed in perfectly within a week at most.

Thanks for responding. All advice is great advice.

another option and what works for me:
30 psi for 2 day, release pressure.
10 psi for 5 days.

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