Force Carb, Leaving Gas Line Unconnected?

I have been leaving my gas line unconnected out of fear that the keg is leaking.

however I have checked for leaks and could not find any.

If I cool my keg and beer down to 45° and apply 30 pounds of pressure, then remove the gas line will the beer absorb all the Co2 leaving close to 0 PSI? If so any idea how many times it would take (filling to 30 PSI) to hit equilibrium?


My SOP is to put two kegs into kegerator and hook up gas and set to 30 psi for 1 day. The next night, I turn it down to 20 psi for 3-4 more days. Then I check the carb and leave it at 20 until I get it where I want it. Then I turn down to serving pressure. I am fairly certain that you would need to keep gas on for it to carbonate.


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I think i need to pressurize the empty kegs and check the pressure again after a day or two. To make sure there are no leaks.

Still think its hota be a leak if pressure went from 30 psi to 1-2 psi overnight (disconnected from air supply)

I think what you’re seeing is the CO2 being absorbed and equalized in the headspace. Charge your keg and spray the posts/poppets and lid with starsan. A leak will cause it to foam.

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I swapped out all my main lid seals with seals from Williams Brewing. Their seals are slightly fatter using slightly softer rubber. No more leaks for me. If your kegs are losing pressure overnight with the gas line off, the pressure is most likely being absorbed. Do a pressure test with soapy water at 30psi. to confirm containment. Check main lid, posts, and pressure relief valve. If bubbles appear, replace seals. I pressurize cold at 20psi for 5 days with gas attached, then reduce pressure for a few hours, serve and enjoy.

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If you just give it a shot of 30lbs then disconnect, the beer will absorb the CO2 but not be fully carbed. this will give the impression the gas leaked out. An easier way to check for leaks is to charged the empty keg first then spray Starsan (or just soapy water). It could still leak after filling of course. Wetting the big O ring helps seal that.

I think most of us that keg have at one time experienced a leak. Sometimes one that will drive you nuts. You just need to be careful to check & replace seals and test for leaks on occasion. Once the keg is hooked up to dispense you will want to leave the gas connected anyway. Some of us do disconnect all of the time, I am not one. A spare CO2 tank is almost a necessary evil.

Like most of us I prefer to carb using the two week set it and forget it at 12lbs or so. Time consuming but seems to work the best.

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I man of my own heart Mark! I couldn’t agree more.

I’m always disconnecting my kegs, and I do like mine more carbed than most. I’m not about following a style to a TEE. New keg, 20 PSI’s, disconnect and let it sit as long as you can stand it, over night. Then dispense, it will slow down rather quick, so hit it again,and keep repeating… When to the end of the keg, make sure you’ve a backup! Sneezles61

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