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For Sale By Owner: $350 OBO Assorted Supplies (Used)

My husband is no longer brewing so this equipment needs to find a new home. I’d rather sell the lot rather than sell it piecemeal. We paid about $485 for all of this, (see the breakdown of what we paid

  • 30 quart Progressive Intl stainless steel stock pot LP hookup for 30qt kettle outdoor gas cooker Wort chiller (fits 30 quart pot) 6 gallon carboy 2 x 5 gallon carboys 1 x 6.5 gallon bottling bucket with spigot 1 extra large funnel 36 x 22 oz brown glass bottles 24 x 12 oz brown glass bottles 90 bottle drying tree 2 x carboy brushes Plastic siphon Extra large stainless steel spoon Stainless steel mash spoon 2 x bottle fillers 50 x bottle caps Bottle capper 3 x bubble air lock Bottle sanitizer Hydrometer Thief[/*]

$350 or your best offer! Contact Karen at

1.) Where are you located?

2.) Are you selling this with your husbands permission? :wink:

3.) You might have better luck on the HomeBrewTalk sale forum. A lot of people sell / buy over their. If you end up having to part it out or sell cheap - expect to see it posted back on the forum for sale again.

4.) I quit brewing many times. Now when I quit, I just keep my equipment and stash it away. Of course, I have a minimum of stuff that all fits in my fermentation bag. On the shelf it goes until I get the hankerin’ again.

Minneapolis – and yes, the husband knows! Thanks for the tip about the HomeBrewTalk sale forum, I’ll take a look. We don’t have room to store all this stuff so it’s gotta go.

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