Foodsaver bags

can you use foodsaver bags to age your wine in the basement

well im gonna give it a try iv got 3 gallons apple i will put into bags and put in paper bags in basement.

No experience here with that, but sounds like it’ll work. Let us know.

They sell wine in a bag so why not? How will you seal it since it vacuums out the bag…… just melt the end shut? I would like to hear also as I should have 2 wheel barrows full of apples in a couple of months. I’ve made apple ale in the past… Sneezles61 :cheers:

I ordered some bags made for wine to save on bottles for my Green Apple wine. I believe the important thing is the bag have an oxygen barrier. I don’t know about foodsaver bags but you don’t want a bag that will let in a lot of oxygen. Ot perhaps you could seal high O2 permeable bags in a bucket, another bag or something? Other wise I don’t see why they wouldn’t work. ... ge+BIB+Bag

The best part about those bags is that they have a pouring spout. I also bought a special fitting to rinse and refill the bags to get more than a single use out of them. I suppose if you had an empty wine in a box that you drank you could rinse and reuse that a few times.

Oh! Now that I think about it I should ask people I know to save me their empty wine in a box along with bottles! :smiley: